Why Stage Your Home in a Hot Real Estate Market?

The Boston real estate market is decidedly hot, with a tight housing inventory, multiple competing offers, and the price per square foot rising steadily during the past few years.

Several factors are fueling the demand.  The city continues to lure new corporations such as GE to Boston.   As I write this, efforts are underway to convince the behemoth Amazon to select our city as the site for its large second headquarters.  Foreign investors are also driving up demand.

Given these dynamics, this question arises:  If you’re planning to sell your condo or single family home in the frenetic Boston area, does it make sense to stage your property?

The answer is undoubtedly yes!  Here’s why:

In a fast-paced real estate market, buyers feel pressured to make decisions quickly.   Open houses in the city are typically brief (e.g., just an hour or two per weekend), which amplifies foot traffic inside a property for sale.   A crowded open house adds to the pressure potential buyers feel in whether to submit an immediate offer.

This is where a strong first impression becomes vital.  A professionally staged, comfortable interior with attractive furniture, wall art and accessories helps build appeal across a larger number of buyers.   That helps create multiple competing bids which drives up the selling price.  And if you’re relocating within Boston, that extra money in your pocket will help you afford your next home.REshowing

Moreover, staging helps build interest before the walk-through tour.   By featuring captivating  photos online of your interior,  potential buyers get their first glimpse and decide whether to request a showing or attend your open house.  Hire a professional photographer to take those interior shots.

Other tips:

  • Remove excess furniture (ottomans, accent chairs, end tables, etc.) wherever possible so the rooms look larger.
  • Pack away all personal mementos, including family photographs, diplomas, trophies and any religious icons.  You want buyers to envision living in your home…with their stuff.
  • De-clutter the walls. One large piece of art is preferable to a litany of smaller ones grouped together on a single vertical surface.
  • Any open shelving should consist of one-third empty space. Pack the knick-knacks.
  • Store off-season clothing, shoes, and other apparel under the beds, so your closets appear larger.
  • Clear the kitchen countertops of excess appliances such as blenders and toasters. Maximize the available working space in your kitchen.
  • If you have a balcony or deck, add attractive outdoor accessories if you’re selling during the warmer weather months. Private outdoor space is a huge bonus in the city.
  • Hire a professional stager. Having an objective set of eyes assess and edit your home is a smart investment that, done well, yields a nice return.