Black and White Decor: Timeless, Bold, Beautiful

Color trends come and go.  For example, earlier this year, Millenial Pink was the much-talked-about hue for home decorating.  But there’s one color combination that endures:  black and white.

One of the merits of a black and white color palette is that it can work anywhere inside a home, including the kitchen, a bathroom, the living room, dining room or any bedroom.  Black is a strong, bold color statement.

Besides being timeless and bold, here are other reasons for using black and white to decorate:

  • Dramatic contrast. Juxtaposing black against white “pops” visually.  Even pairing black with an off-white such as ivory works, yielding a softer but still compelling contrast.  brady.updated 018
  • Easy to accent. A b&w combo can be empowered by adding a single vivid accent color.   Teal, tangerine, citron, or bright yellow are all good candidates to feature on an area rug, wall art, throw pillows and other accessories against a b&w backdrop.  Moreover, refreshing the room later by simply replacing these accessories with a new accent color makes achieving a new look less costly and quicker to achieve.
  • A black and white color palette works with modern, traditional or transitional furniture and architectural styles.
  • Ample complementary patterns. Rugs, throw pillows, bedding and other design elements can easily be found in b&w patterns and prints.  Particularly popular this year are geometric patterns.
  • Black and white appears in many natural materials including granite countertops, making this combo a natural for kitchens and bathrooms.

Many years ago, a client reluctantly showed me his teenager’s “Gothic phase” bedroom.  All four walls were painted black from floor to ceiling.  The room was very dark, but offered a strong background for his son’s many posters and other wall art. black.bedroom3 Ordinarily I wouldn’t recommend painting entire walls inside a room black because it requires inordinate amounts of natural or artificial light for illumination.  However, used sparingly, black looks great. The bedroom walls shown here succeed because black paint was only used above the wainscoting.

Black and white.  It’s classic, like salt and pepper.